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Your ReCODE Expert

Dr. K completed ReCODE & PreCODE training with Apollo Health in 2020

The Bredesen Protocol, crafted by Dr. Dale Bredesen, is a revolutionary approach to treating neurocognitive disorders like Alzheimer's. Unlike traditional methods, it targets the root causes, considering factors from genetics to lifestyle. Dr. K, trained in this comprehensive method, believes in its potential to halt or even reverse cognitive decline.



Passionate about offering optimal treatments, Dr. K invites individuals to explore this innovative approach. Book a free consultation to embark on a personalized journey to cognitive health.

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What To Expect

Initial Consult

Video call or in-person available!

This is your initial consultation. We will meet and explore your health journey, concerns, and goals.

We will review the Bredesen Protocol and how it can fit into your lifestyle if you choose to pursue the program. 


At this time we can begin discussing supplements, lab orders, and lifestyle changes to begin! 

Lab Results and Lifestyle Changes Deep Dive

Video call or in-person available!

Once you have learned more about PreCODE or ReCODE and we obtain the results of all of your labs, Doctor K will review them in detail with the patient and accompanying loved ones. 

The goal of this visit is to give you a very detailed understanding of your current health benchmarks and leave you feeling excited to follow the program closely and improve your labs & day to day life! 

3, 6, and 9 month Check Ins

When we meet down the road as the program continues you will be able to discuss improvements with Doctor K as well as backslides, if you are feeling anxious about the lack of progress since starting the program. 

As your health journey develops while following the Bredesen Protocol, we want to follow along closely to answer as many questions as you may have while providing alternatives or creative solutions should you have trouble sticking to the plan. 

Video call or in-person available!

Get in Touch


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